I have accumulated many personal reviews while listening to albums. My reviewing style is non-conventional and was only intended for myself. Sometimes I will only use one sentence to describe an album if I feel that is all that's required. Other times I will review an album while I'm still listening to it, leading to a song-by-song review of the album (bringing the size of the review to nearly dissertation-level). There are times when I will even come back to a review to add information that I didn't know when originally writing the review. The point is that I won't edit my reviews to make them more readable or conventional. My reviews are always a direct result of what I was feeling when I wrote them and I want to let that feeling come through.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Soulfly - Omen [2010]

Whoa, style change. "Bloodbath & Beyond" kicks the album off to a much quicker thrashy start than previous albums, and with no sign of the tribal influence at all. "Rise of the Fallen" is a creatively interesting song. There are some progressive elements that manifest in a really cool guitar part towards the beginning and later riffs bring in a large Black Metal influence much to my surprise. "Great Depression" brings back the thrash and heaviness. The middle songs are filled with heavy romps and bouts of thrashing. This is even more of a return to the thrash/heavy metal roots of Sepultura. However, I'm missing the creativity that I loved in Soulfly. "Rise of the Fallen" was pretty creative, but that's the last of it besides "Soulfly VII" and the ending of "Off With Their Heads". There's no more tribal influence at all. Some of the material is pretty catchy (mostly the beginning and ending songs of the album). I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of creativity.

Rating: 7


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