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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1349 - Demonoir [2010]

Interesting production quality. It's more clear than Hellfire and I like that the vocals aren't so heavily distorted. The bass-drum is extremely powerful, but that's because it's now triggered. Not over compressed either. However, I feel like the guitars could have been a little higher in the mix. I like the use of odd instruments and style in the middle of "Atomic Chapel" and the song is certainly up to speed with what I prefer in my Black Metal. "When I Was Flesh" starts off just how I like it... fast and with no fucking mercy. There are some very interesting riffs in the song as well. It is at this point that I am beginning to realize just what a great album this is shaping up to be. If they can continue this song-writing quality through until the end of the album, it will be one of my favorite Black Metal albums. The intro tracks between songs are interesting and break up the action nicely. However, they are placed after every song on the album, making it a little too predictable for my taste, but I'm really just nitpicking now. They really have managed to keep the energy and song-writing quality up through the entire album. It's every bit as good as Hellfire, maybe a little less artistic in its form, but the production is a large step up. It may not be the most experimental or creative Black Metal album in my library, far from it, but Demonoir is fast, brutal, dark, catchy, and very enjoyable. Multiple listens are a must.

Rating: 8


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