I have accumulated many personal reviews while listening to albums. My reviewing style is non-conventional and was only intended for myself. Sometimes I will only use one sentence to describe an album if I feel that is all that's required. Other times I will review an album while I'm still listening to it, leading to a song-by-song review of the album (bringing the size of the review to nearly dissertation-level). There are times when I will even come back to a review to add information that I didn't know when originally writing the review. The point is that I won't edit my reviews to make them more readable or conventional. My reviews are always a direct result of what I was feeling when I wrote them and I want to let that feeling come through.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Arcturus - The Sham Mirrors [2002]

Starts off really strange but cool as hell. Very unique songwriting. Really cool blend of effects and keys. The vocals are beautiful, of course. Heavy production, especially the bass-drum, and it's still pretty clear. Really creates the feeling of being on a space journey. Second track is really cool, but the middle section feels a bit drawn out. Followed by possibly one of the best song sections ever, shit. Track 3's awesome, but I think that the haunting riff towards the end of the song is drawn out and I would've liked to hear more vox in the second half. Track 4 is pretty damn good. Track 4 starts off with this insanely cool piano part (probably borrowed from every piano concerto ever, though). Track 6 uses more Black Metal vox with blasting and evil! Some really fuckin' bitchin' riffs in this one and an awesome and smooth solo towards the end. Track 7 has an amazing chorus, best on the CD. Drops into this really long key-section and comes out of it with a fucking killer riff… very well-done. Ends on kind of an off-note. Overall, it's a really creative album executed very well. However, some of the songwriting doesn’t sit well with me. There could be more vocals in some of the songs instead of the extremely drawn-out key/effects sections. Plus, there are some truly amazing riffs that only get played once and leave me with a feeling of emptiness wishing for more than just that taste.

Rating: 9


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