I have accumulated many personal reviews while listening to albums. My reviewing style is non-conventional and was only intended for myself. Sometimes I will only use one sentence to describe an album if I feel that is all that's required. Other times I will review an album while I'm still listening to it, leading to a song-by-song review of the album (bringing the size of the review to nearly dissertation-level). There are times when I will even come back to a review to add information that I didn't know when originally writing the review. The point is that I won't edit my reviews to make them more readable or conventional. My reviews are always a direct result of what I was feeling when I wrote them and I want to let that feeling come through.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cannibal Corpse - Evisceration Plague [2009]

FUCK YEAH!! Starts off heavy and quick with a unique riff for CC. Goes into a very uncharacteristically long blast section, slows down into classic CC groove. The fucking production is goddamn mother fucking phenomenal… the bass drum is like a sledge hammer to the face and the guitars crush you with every note. There's some seriously cool new things that CC do with the break sections that are very different from their previous songs. I was expecting this album to start off with a thrash track like the last three did, but I guess not. The solo is fucking good and technical. Track 2 is the thrash track I was expecting for track 1… it's fucking amazing. Purely brutal masturbatory stuff there. The riffs are fucking perfect and very unique and different for CC. This album is going to fucking own. Whoa, track 3, almost thought that they were gonna go into sweeping shit like Brain Drill. Unique riffage again… fuckin' sweet. Tracks 5, 6, and 7 pick up the pace a bit. I'm at track 8 of 12 and every song has been fucking awesome and unique in some way compared to CC's previous material. Overall, god damn, This album is fucking phenomenal from start to finish. Production is incredible. There's creative riffs and song ideas littered throughout. It's unique as hell but it always feels like a CC album. There's much more blasting on this album than on any previous one. I expected a damn good album, like "Kill" before it, but I never thought that it would be this fucking amazing. One thing keeping it from a perfect score is that the opening track was a little weak which had me slightly worried. Plus, the album doesn't have too much lasting appeal after the 10th listen.

Rating: 9


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