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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yoko Kanno - Escaflowne Original Soundtrack 3 [1996]

Crappy first track, but then things take a leap into an amazing world of perfection. If things keep going like "Arcadia" and "Epistle", this OST will easily outshine the first two. Well, the unfortunate reality is that, in the middle of this OST, the tone and style changes drastically. There are more songs that are based on more modern band-style music with some instruments added. I can almost see the animé go by as I listen. This OST is at a point in the animé when things are getting ever-more epic and the series is beginning to wrap itself up. The problem is that there is a section towards the second third of the animé when there is a last push for the status quo before all hell breaks loose, and that is reflected in the use of more pop singers and a slightly more upbeat tone in the middle of this album. Songs like "Perfect World" and "I Recommend Instincts", while not BAD, are mostly throwaways. The end of the album feels a little better, but the absolute darkness and epic feel that I loved about the beginning is predictably replaced by songs that mark the end of the animé. Overall, it's still a damn good album, but it really got my hopes up for something even more amazing in the beginning.

Rating: 8


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