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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

凛として時雨 - #4 [2005]

The first song is a bit lighter than I expected. The songwriting is pretty good, not really refined, but still effective. The production isn't incredible, but the drums have a nice natural sound to them. The guitars, however, sound like they were recorded over shitty wires or something. "傍観" is refreshingly somber. One thing that has me torn in three different directions is the fact that the vocals are often out of tune. HOWEVER, they are never FAR out of tune like many other Japanese bands, and on top of that, it really says something that they've outright refused to use correction effects on the vocals. It also lends a natural feeling to the vox and there are times during the verses where it feels even more right for the song than if it had been perfect pitch. Even with all of that justification, for the chorus sections there is no rationalizing it. Those two really need to practice their pitch, and if they want to sing out of tune to make it feel more human, then the best time to do so is during the verses. As for the songwriting, it's not really all that catchy, but it's still good.

Rating: 7.5


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