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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

凛として時雨 - just A moment [2009]

Quite an explosive beginning to the album with "ハカイヨノユメ". Words cannot express how impressed I am with the first track. "Hysteric phase show" continues on with the high energy, quality writing, and willingness to break out from what they had previously established as their style. "Tremolo+A" is a fast-strumming acoustic guitar dominated song. I'm quite happy that the female vocals are now perfectly in tune... even if they have used pitch correction to iron out the issues a bit. This is really an incredible effort by these musicians. It's fresh and pushes the boundaries of their style, but it still feels like the LTS that I fell in love with so long ago. It's quite an incredible and stunning achievement. The production is a bit cleaner, but there's still a shit-tonne of reverb on the drums, vocals, and clean electric guitars. The ONLY problems I see with this album is that they included "Telecastic fake show" and the production could be using a wider frequency range. The higher frequencies are basically chopped off and I feel that they would benefit the drum production a lot (it would be annoying as shit if the guitars were allowed to expand into those frequencies, though).

Rating: 9.75


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