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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Damageplan - New Found Power [2004]

Slightly weak production quality, especially for the guitars, compared to Pantera. Wow, that's a bit strange, but it feels like the guitars actually got a bit heavier for "Breathing New Life". I think that the problem is that "Wake Up" is a weak song overall for starting the album. The production definitely isn't the best... I can hear over-driven distortions throughout songs. It doesn't really call too much attention to itself, though. "Energy through songwriting" seems to be the motto for the majority of songs on this album. Many times, the catchiness is so high that it breaks the meter. Other times, not so much. Songs like "Pride" are a nice break from the more sustained aggression of the other songs. Some complain that this is very much "unlike" Dimebag... but I can understand the appeal. Sure, I miss the insane solos and maddening creativity of Pantera, but that's been done and it's cool to hear Dime try his hand at what is basically a slightly more complex Nu-Metal. Naturally, I would have liked to see the next album change up to more interesting and creative music... but it was obviously not to be.

Rating: 7.5


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