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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Immanifest - Qliphotic [2010]

This is certainly the latest wave of Black Metal (tenth or something?). It's a strange production quality... feels like the engineer just rolled off at the low-mids, so the production has little to no punch. The music itself has a fairly venomous quality to it and a bit of kick. However, the venom feels quite diluted and it's not because of the keys or individual riffs. I think it has more to do with how everything is put together and the emotion with which the music was played. This is seriously displayed in "Thaumiel"... and it becomes blatantly obvious why I feel like this album is defanged... these guys are obviously heavily influenced by more modern and popular sources (i.e. post-2003 Dimmu Borgir, melodic death metal, post-2005 Behemoth). One of those bands is still fucking great, Immanifest doesn't capture the same murderous hate and I think it's because of the more melodic influences. The music itself is pretty solid with speedy grinding, chunky guitaring, and the occasional serene woodland. And then, "Among the Dead" starts off with excellent power but loses it within a few minutes. It's a pretty good first effort, but they'll need to really dig deep for the next one if they're going to make people like me a fan. High marks for very good writing, but low score for trying to be Black Metal without capturing the most important part of the genre. AHA! I just thought of what it is... it sounds like a bunch of younger kids after they've heard Black Metal for the first time and mistakenly assumed that everything sounds like new Dimmu.



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