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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ōkami - Ōkami [2006]

I'm very VERY worried about starting this soundtrack... I'm making the prediction that it will be awesome for a while, but I will want it to end around the 3rd disk. EXTREMELY impressive start to disk 1, but I can already see that this is falling into a similar trap as many other VG soundtracks in that the length of the songs are absurdly short most of the time. It's very excellent Japanese Folk most of the time with a very ancient feel. When things pick up, it creates great tension and excitement. What, the, fuck... this album keeps getting better as it goes on... "Kamiki Village I" and "II" just feel like they can't possibly be topped by anything that will follow. So, yeah, half-way through the second album and I'm a bit pooped out. This shit is still incredible, but there's way too much material and it's mostly in the same style. Gotta take a break. Seems like the second disk is more about whimsical writing than the beauty of the first disk. Disk 3 is a mixed bag. There's whimsical, beautiful, and epic songs. Disk 4 is shaping up to be better than 2 and 3. Yes, definitely, disk 4 is THE SHIT. More dark songs; more epic battles; more soothing beauty. Odd, the first 18 tracks of disk 5 are 10-second bites of even music. There are only two things anyone can possibly complain about here: 1. The soundtrack is unnecessarily long; 2. It is tiresome to listen to all the way through. One is caused by the other. Besides that, this is a fucking amazing soundtrack through and through. Even the less epic and more happy 2nd and 3rd disks are a total joy to listen to. Brilliant in every way.

Rating: 9.75


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