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Friday, April 8, 2011

Mitochondrion - Archaeaeon [2008]

"Into the Pit of Babel" is certainly what some would call "organic". Underground production, but it's not too bad. Interesting songwriting. There's a bit of sophistication to these songs. I can't really call it unique, but they've gone for longer songs with changing moods throughout. From pure Death Metal reminiscent of Gigan to clean guitar sections and even a hint of progressive. I think that this album would have been more exciting if the production didn't have such a soft touch and the edges hadn't been rounded off. Other than that, the music is pretty damn good. Sections like the ending of "Wraithlike" really feel like a wonderful massage, and others feel as satisfying as putting a baby in a blender feet-first. It doesn't feel all that creative, though, despite the clear focus on making the music deep... and even with that, it doesn't feel as deep as it was intended to be. Maybe it's just me reacting to the current trend towards "deeper" and more "introspective" songs in metal, or maybe they really didn't pull it off as well as bands like Gigan and Ulcerate. At any rate, I can't wait to hear this stuff with better production quality.

Rating: 7.25


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