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Friday, April 8, 2011

志方あきこ - Harmonia [2009]

Akiko, you were doing very well until "風と羅針盤". It was soothing and beautiful with the combination of Celtic and Japanese folk that I loved so much from Navigatoria, but with the newer vocal style. But then, "風と羅針盤" ventures waaaay too far into the pop area. Whoa, EXTREMELY uncharacteristic evil feeling in "調和〜焔の共鳴〜"... not sure if I like it. Songs like "久遠の海" really re-ground the album in it's beauty and soothing appeal. However, this is definitely a new direction in many ways... I'd even say that the album leans a bit more towards Pop than New Age and/or Folk. It's neat that she switches between the new vocal style and the more airy style that I prefer. I wonder if the more recent soundtracks she's done has affected her writing style. All the negatives aside, this is still a very good album with a fair amount of easy-going Classical Japanese and Celtic influence. Wow, "謳う丘〜Salavec rhaplanca.〜" is one hell of a journey. Overall, there are only a few songs that change the style significantly. It's a good album, but I still prefer Navigatoria.

Rating: 7.75


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