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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hate - Anaclasis - A Haunting of Gospel Malice & Hatred [2005]

A much more appealing and interesting intro to the album... don't fucking let me down this time, cock-suckers. They've really taken a chapter out of Arkhon Infaustus' book of simple guitar riff with pure grind underneath. It's got a more evil feel to it as well. Problem is that the riff doesn't really change much at all until about 3 minutes in, so it feels like it has overstayed its welcome. There are some new aspects added to the formula in the form of electronic effects. It's mostly just one type of riff and song all the way up until "Malediction" which starts weak as hell, then gets really good, but then goes back to really weak again. "Razorblade" finally changes things up, if only slightly. "Fountains of Blood to Reach Heaven" is actually genuinely good in every way. The energy finally makes it all the way through to the end of one of Hate's albums. The songwriting is much better. However, they still are adding pointless and weak riffs in the middle otherwise strong songs. A few riffs are too drawn out and become boring. This album is a thousand times better than anything previously done by Hate. Finally, an album I can listen to more than once.

Rating: 7


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