I have accumulated many personal reviews while listening to albums. My reviewing style is non-conventional and was only intended for myself. Sometimes I will only use one sentence to describe an album if I feel that is all that's required. Other times I will review an album while I'm still listening to it, leading to a song-by-song review of the album (bringing the size of the review to nearly dissertation-level). There are times when I will even come back to a review to add information that I didn't know when originally writing the review. The point is that I won't edit my reviews to make them more readable or conventional. My reviews are always a direct result of what I was feeling when I wrote them and I want to let that feeling come through.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rob Zombie - The Sinister Urge [2001]

Kicking off with a very energetic, heavy, and catchy track that fully utilizes Rob's new penchant for supporting orchestral arrangements... and it's quite well-done. "Dead Girl Superstar" brings up the tempo quite a bit. "Never Gonna Stop" takes on a more quirky and whimsical feel to it and gives the distinct impression that this is a step towards a more experimental Zombie. "Iron Head" brings things back to straight evil with a hint of turntable. It's certainly a departure from the very focused Hillbilly Deluxe. At times, this one feels a bit more poppy, but that feeling is always immediately tempered by more experimentation with other styles and instruments. On one hand, I miss the very acutely dark, gothic, and heavy style of HD, but I do like the experimentation for the most part. The album can't be called "light," either. There are a few songs that don't really work as well, though (i.e. "California" and "Never Gonna Stop"). I just can't bare to give it the same rating as HD... I really respect the creativity, but it's lost a fair amount of the bleak atmosphere in the process.

Rating: 8.25


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