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Monday, May 9, 2011

Soilwork - The Panic Broadcast [2010]

Wow, that's a fucking promising start. Pure grind, but not the evil type. There's definitely a style change in "Late for the Kill..." Hopefully I will hear more of the industrial/techno influence that I loved about the older stuff. "Two Lives Worth of Reckoning" continues with great strength; catchy-as-hell chorus and clean singing; strong songwriting; appealing thrash rhythm; still no techno :(. There's a massive focus on fast-moving melodic guitar lines on this album compared to the more subtle guitar work on previous efforts. The aggression seems to have taken a bit of a back seat on this album, though. On STD, most of the songs felt like the listener was being savagely beaten. Whereas this one feels more like intermittent moshing in between holding a lighter high in the sky while singing along. Most of this change can be attributed to the change in the guitar writing style. There's much more rock and rapid-melodic riffing of the benevolent type on this one than the more thoughtful and plotting riffs of old. I have finally gotten my first real taste of that techno influence that I was looking for in "Deliverance is Mine". "Night Comes Clean" and "King of the Threshold" are a bit weak in their writing (even though "KOTT" is fairly powerful in other ways). There's much less fatigue when listening to this album thanks to more variety between the songs than I have previously experienced in a Soilwork album. Quite catchy most of the way through with only a few songs feeling weak. It's not as insane and brutally heavy as it used to be thanks largely to the guitar riffs, but it's certainly some of their strongest writing yet.

Rating: 7.5


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