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Monday, August 29, 2011

Hatebreed - Satisfaction is the Death of Desire [1997]

So, yeah, it's a bit of Metalcore and a bit of Hardcore. Neither are winning genres for me, but Hatebreed is quite good at capturing the energy of those genres without being too annoying about it. That said, one recurring theme for this band will be the AWFUL vocals of Jasta. He has the vocal range of a fucking cricket. All vocals are exactly the same. All words are exactly the same. Monotone doesn't even go far enough to describe it, and it gets really fucking annoying after a couple songs. The positive message is also really fucking gay. Even though this album is short, it's still not short enough. I get really tired of the same riffs cropping up in song after song. Sure it's pretty heavy, but it's not particularly catchy and the vocals are relentlessly boring and shitty.

Rating: 5


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