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Monday, August 29, 2011

Slayer - World Painted Blood [2009]

They've obviously gone back to the "less is more" approach for guitar distortion... which is really fucking annoying since the music could be so much more with heavier guitars. "World Painted Blood" really is some of the best songwriting Slayer has done in Decades, and then "Unit" makes me want to forget entirely about the dismal guitar distortion and hail Father Satan that this record exists!! "Snuff" isn't bad, but not as strong as the first two songs. "Beauty Through Order" returns us to the days of the slow-and-fucking-evil songs that were prevalent on Seasons... "Human Strain" just emanates darkness and evil. "Americon" is possibly the only weak song on the album. "Playing With Dolls" uses some of the new-school ideas that they've had and blends them perfectly with South of Heaven-era evil and style. It's wonderful; the writing is excellent. Evil is back in the foreground. It's as if Slayer took everything that I loved about their various styles over the years and very carefully slammed them all together. That said, they also grabbed a couple things that I really don't like about the newer stuff (like the stuff that reminds me of a nu-metal riff). The only real thorn in the side of this album is the guitar production. Yeah, fine, they wanted to be old-school about it, but they went back to the Seasons distortion and that's not really "old-school". So, they ended up with a really weak distortion for an ideal that isn't even correct in the first place. It's easy to look past the production issue, though.

Rating: 8.5


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