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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Slayer - South of Heaven [1988]

One hell of an evil start with "South of Heaven". It's so obvious that they've perfected the hell-spawned metal writing. Fuck, I had forgotten how awesome "Silent Scream" is. On top of that, I had forgotten how fucking evil "Live Undead" is. Sure, things slow down a bit, but damn it's dark. "Behind the Crooked Cross" and "Mandatory Suicide" slow things down a bit and push everything into the evil heavy abyss where demons shall shred the listener's flesh for all of eternity. "Ghosts of War" returns the album to thrash brutality before "Read Between the Lies" drops things into catchy and heavy hammering. "Cleanse the Soul" and "Dissident Aggressor" decline a bit on the evil. So, the album as a whole is quite a bit less thrashy than RiB, but it's definitely as evil and there are quite a lot of catchy riffs thrown in the mix. However, the energy isn't quite as strong.



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